Air Shelters

We have a range of fully portable temporary shelters, generators, lighting, welfare units, toilets etc. Available nationally, these assets can be mobilised any time of day or night, dispatched, erected and maintained at any location.

When coupled with our all terrain capability, this means we can establish and maintain field support for a wide range of activities virtually anywhere at any time you need it! Aireshelta is a robust and versatile piece of equipment: manufactured from high quality woven polyester with a laminate of flexible pvc on each side. The inflatable shelter can withstand extremes of weather and provide you with a secure and protected space in which you can be enclosed and shielded from the elements. Weatherproof flaps ensure that rain remains outside of the Aireshelta whilst in hot weather it offers protection from the sun and additional air flow for cooling. The system is highly flexible and quick to errect making it ideal for temporary activities and for screening where discretion is required.
The standard Air Shelter is manufactured with a translucent roof that allows up to 80% of natural light to transcend into the chamber of the Air Shelter thus reducing the need for additional lighting systems. The Air Shelter will also provide satisfactory protection from chemical exposure and complies with BS5867 re. anti-flammability.

Rapid Deployment

A key feature of Air Shelter – a standard size Air Shelter can be erected by just one person within 2 minutes.

Our Modular system

Each Air Shelter can be used as a modular unit: Complex applications have been assembled by using the Air Shelters in this way. We offer the following units equipped with blowers and generators in any combination:
  • 2 units 3m x 3m with 3m clear height
  • 2 units 3m x 3m with 3m clear height
  • 1 unit 6.5m x 4.5m with 4m clear height
  • 1 unit 8m x 8m with 8m clear height
  • 2 units 12m x 8m with 7m clear height

Additional Resources

Our range of high mobility shelters can be fitted with lighting, heating, welfare, generators etc. Indeed everything you need to erect a temporary workshop or facility and sustain it in the field indefinitely. Anywhere, anytime! Contact us to find out more.

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