Confined Space Equipment Hire

We have a wide range of confined space access and safety equipment available for hire across the UK.

We will work with you at the commissioning stage to identify what equipment is suitable for your intended use.
Training and support equipment is also available to ensure you have a turn key solution to your confined space requirements. We also provide all the site safety equipment for confined space work such as barrier systems, pop up tents, lock out and tag out systems etc.

Our range of confined space equipment includes:

  • Single and multi gas defuse detectors
  • Photo Ionising Detectors for a wide range of VOCs
  • Single gas hand pump detector tubes
  • A range of forced ventilation equipment.
  • 15 minute emergency escape sets with either hood or face mask
  • Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) sets
  • Supplied Air Respiration (SAR) surface supplied air sets for tight and long duration work
  • Access tripods with fall arrest / winch options
  • Fall arrest and access harnesses
  • Intrinsically safe lighting and head torches
  • Sked rescue stretchers
  • Rope rescue equipment
  • First aid equipment, oxygen and defib units.

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