Modular Pontoon Hire

ISAR3 are experts in the use and configuration of modular pontoon systems for work and access. We use only British manufactured equipment, which gives us security of supply, excellent quality and reduced travel and environmental impact in the sourcing of product.

Our modular pontoon systems are available for client operated hire to any location in the UK. We work with you at the design stage to ensure the specification supplied, meets and exceeds what you need it to do. Modular pontoon systems are highly adaptable and can be configured to virtually any shape. They can be multi layered and often have bespoke additional fittings / systems added to them to facilitate your task. This flexibility does however mean they are subject to careful control and planning to ensure they are fit for task and have enough residual strength, buoyancy and stability to survive use in the field. There have been a few nasty accidents over recent years when poorly specified systems have been deployed and failed.
We work with you to ensure what we supply is fit for purpose. One of the major advantages of the modular system is that it can be used in difficult access situations and has excellent ground pressure figures, meaning in shallow water, soft ground or sensitive vegetation areas it is an excellent system. The full deck solution also means that debris, construction materials etc are captured and prevented to contaminating either water course of work site. Pontoons are often built with scaffold towers in which case very careful consideration needs to be given to the design to ensure they remain stable. If multi deck pontoons are used, significant weight can be placed on the system often small to medium size plant can be operated from on the pontoons. Training and support equipment is also available to ensure you have a turn-key solution to your pontoon access requirements.

We have a fleet of off-road equipment including tracked vehicles with Hiab cranes, so we can get the pontoons to most locations. We also provide all the safety equipment and safety boats / tugs if required to support your pontoon deployment.

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