Water PPE Hire

All our equipment is supplied, serviced, inspected and with all necessary documentation.

We will work with you to ensure your equipment hire is suitable for the task and water conditions your staff are exposed to.

Training and support equipment is also available to ensure you have a turn key solution to your safe working near requirements.

We also provide all the site safety equipment working near water work such as barrier systems, signage, life rings, escape ladders etc.

We offer a full range of water related PPE for hire.

  • Dry suits
  • Thermal Undersuits
  • Water safety boots
  • Neoprene gloves
  • Water safety helmets
  • Buoyancy aid with rescue cows tails
  • 150N auto inflation lifejackets
  • 275N auto inflation lifejackets
  • Throw / rescue lines
  • Wading / reach poles

Contact Us

Call 01752 695 834 or email info@isar3.com

Enquiries will be responded to within within 48 hours