On Site Support


We often work in regulated, high risk environments so when you partner with us, you get scale, experience and a disciplined team.  From the railways to partnering on operations with the emergency services, we are trusted to deploy to high risk, high profile, high pressured environments to provide professional and resilient support.
With the scale and reach of our operations we can react to changes in deployment length and circumstances.  This resilience in terms of equipment, people and skills is essential to keeping your project moving forward when you hit unexpected challenges.
Our teams will also brief and train operatives on safe working in confined spaces and rescue procedures, check client PPE (for example check condition and test dates on fall protection equipment or breathing sets) and support proactively to build the safety culture and support your task.
Standby and rescue teams are rarely tested, so when deployed our teams add value by conducting training, tool box talks, equipment checks etc to work with you to build and enhance your safety culture.