Confined Space

Spartan ISAR are experts in confined space access. We offer a bespoke service in support of your needs. Our teams can arrange the entire process to get your maintenance staff, examiners or surveyors safely into and back out of your confined space. We have managed deployments to:
  • Trenches and excavations
  • Marine vessel barges and compartments
  • Tunnels and culverts
  • Industrial and quarry equipment / plant
  • Bridge internal structures and other voids
  • Sewers and storage tanks
  • Pits, silos and other storage facilities
  • Utilities infrastructure
  • Building voids and services runs
  • Water courses
We are used to working in high risk, safety critical, high profile environments such as the rail network, construction sector and our duty team operates in support of the Fire and Rescue Service and Police for rescue from height, water and confined space incidents. Our teams are disciplined, properly equipped, with the protection of a full audit system, attentive to their duties and very well prepared in terms of planning, documentation and experience. We have extensive experience in rigging for difficult access with a wide range of rope rescue techniques and equipment available. We also have a range of specialist extraction stretchers and harnesses. We work with you to manage the entire confined space deployment including Permits to Work, lock out and tag out procedures, air monitoring, entry control, management of deployed workers, rescue standby, first aid, rescue and extraction, decontamination, close out.
Our experience with ropes and water make us particularly suited to multi hazard confined space operations where the access and rescue can be quite technical. We have a range of solutions including:
  • Entry and site control including all paperwork, permits etc.
  • Atmospheric monitoring
  • Forced ventilation
  • Escape sets
  • Self-contained breathing systems
  • Surface supplied air respirator systems
  • Communications and lighting options
  • Vertical and horizontal access solutions
  • Emergency and first aid equipment

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