Modular Pontoon System

ISAR3 have a range of access pontoons, some designed for moving water to work in combination with our high reach towers (up to 8 metres). We also offer modular pontoon systems, which are very flexible and effective for temporary access and for work platforms for maintenance, inspection and minor works. They have the advantage of being adaptable to an infinite range of shapes and sizes.
We are experts in the design, installation and use of these modular pontoon systems and include special fabrication to extend their range of applications. We can advise on their suitability, design the system, co-ordinate all the risk assessment, stability calculations, and safe working system documentation, liaise with water control authorities, install and maintain the pontoons and train your staff in their safe use. No one in the UK has more experience on the use of these systems in combination with scaffold towers to facilitate safe access for inspection and minor works.

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