First Aid & Medical


We are able to offer the Health and Safety Executive approved scheme for work place first aid covering:

  • Emergency first Aid at Work (EFAW) 6hr course
  • First Aid at Work (FAW) 18hr course
These form the standard first aid qualification for the work environment. We tailor these courses to the exact challenges of your work environment and can deliver anywhere in the UK. Often clients combine the first aid training with risk assessment and emergency recovery training into one package. Our background working in support of the emergency services and our rescue training allows up to tailor our courses combing the HSE requirement with specific first aid and rescue requirements for teams and individuals who work in more challenging conditions than the standard EFAW or FAW course is designed to meet. We tailor the first aid training to reflect the real risks and situations in which your teams operate, for example:
  • Eye injury, puncture wounds, severe bleeding and amputations for grounds maintenance and tree workers.
  • Drowning, hypothermia and infections for remote area water workers.
Our courses look at dynamic assessment of risk at the work site and adapt the first aid to the identified hazards. We are very well placed for training first aid for workers in remote or technically demanding environments where a longer period of self reliance may be required while awaiting the emergency services support. We encourage thinking of first aid as part of your emergency response plan and looking wider than just first aid equipment in deciding what PPE and other elements of equipment make up your safe system of work.