Safety Boat & Work Boat


We offer a range of courses for the role of safety and work boat crew. Royal Yachting Association (RYA) accredited qualifications in powerboat helming, with all supporting courses to achieve commercial endorsement. Rescue 3 Europe: Rescue Boat Operator, Flood Rescue Boat Operator and Swift Water and Flood Rescue Boat Operator. These include the requirements to meet the DEFRA Flood Rescue Operations Team Type B level of training for boat crews. We also offer bespoke training on your own equipment. Our work boat course includes the use of a powered boats for specific tasks such as towing, survey, equipment transfer, tug duties etc and is a unique course specifically designed for crews who work in industry. We also offer a modular pontoon installer and operator course. Again, unique in the UK this course is designed for staff that specify, assemble and operate modular pontoon systems in a commercial setting. Many of our courses can be run at various venues around the UK provided that the water requirements are met and the course complies with Governing Body requirements.