Rope Rescue Technician Advanced


The Rope Rescue Technician Advanced (RRTA) course is for rope rescue team members who already have completed a comprehensive basic training and want to continue to develop their skills to deliver advanced technical solutions. This training builds upon the skills learnt on the RRT course. It expands on the use of multi-pods, monopod and A-frames, various configurations of steep, diagonal and horizontal spans, and the use of multiple track lines in highline operations. You will also be introduced to industrial lead climbing, and improve your knowledge on loads and forces, incident management and scenario training.

Course Specifications
Duration: 5 days
Prerequisites: RRO and RRT Minimum age: 18
Certified by: Rescue 3 Europe
Qualification valid for: 3 years

Course Content Includes:

  • Force calculations, advanced systems analysis
  • Complex rescue scenarios
  • Incident management
  • Advanced knots and anchor point variations
  • Releasable jigger anchors
  • Lead climbing with a shepherd's hook
  • Lead climbing with self-placed intermediate anchors
  • First-man-up systems
  • Litter scoop pick-off
  • Vertical litter edge transitions with attendant
  • Advanced artificial high directionals (monopods, bipods)
  • Two rope offsets
  • Highline rope system - Kootenay highline
  • Highline rope system - English reeve
  • Highline rope system - Norwegian reeve
  • Multiple track lines in a highline system
  • Night scenarios
  • Rope rescue special problems
  • Team leader skills
  • Job risk analysis
  • Developing standard operational procedures
  • Developing and pre-planning rescue plans
  • Size-up and hazard analysis of an incident
  • Team briefing using a briefing model
  • Supervising and guiding an operational team
  • Communication with other emergency services
  • Performing a debriefing with a team
  • Use of incident report forms

Course Dates

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