Management of Water and Flood Incidents


The Management of Water and Flood Incidents course is designed to teach commanders at water and flood incidents the underpinning knowledge and skills to successfully manage such operations. These managers/commanders do not need the same level of technical knowledge and skills as specialist water rescue teams, it is important that managers have the tactical knowledge to be able to manage the event. Additional practical skills are taught to allow managers to safely operate in the 'warm' zone at these incidents.

Course Specifications
Duration: 5 days
Prerequisites: Must be a confident swimmer
Minimum age: 18
Certified by: Rescue 3 Europe
Qualification valid for: 3 years

Course Content Includes:

Course content includes:
  • Water and flood dynamics and hazards
  • Principles of water safety and rescue
  • Drowning
  • Water rescue tactics – use of the TEMPO model
  • PPE for working in, on or near water
  • Pre-planning for water incidents
  • Specialist equipment considerations
  • Water rescue scene size-up and safety controls
  • Incident command at water rescues
  • Special considerations i.e. weirs, vehicles in water, powerboat operations etc
  • Medical and welfare issues including decontamination
  • Flood theory
  • Use of the SEA DEPTH model for flood management
  • Resources for flood events
  • River & Flood search considerations and management
  • UK Fire & Rescue Service water rescue training levels
  • Response Capabilities – team typing, inter-agency working
  • Survival swimming & self-rescue
  • Reach rescues
  • Throwline use
  • Shallow water crossings
  • Inflated fire hose
  • Overview of swiftwater rescue technician capability
  • In-water night operations
  • Searching water and floods

Course Dates

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